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First class is free so there is every reason to come and meet us.
Classes are currently held 5 times per week.

We are rare in the BJJ community as all of our classes are 2 hours in length. This enables all of us to fully get in the learning and training mindset and to allow for warm-up, drilling and sparring to cement ideas, concepts and motions.

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Each session consists of, warm up (movement patterns to prepare your body for practise and specific to BJJ), techniques (the moves and concepts of BJJ) and rolling (applying your technique against a resisting opponent).

Class Times

Monday: 7-9pm (gi)

Tuesday: 7-9pm (gi)
Wednesday: 7-9pm (gi)

Thursday: 7-9pm (gi)
Saturday: 10.30am -12.30pm (no gi)

Class Prices

Unlimited Per month: £70
Private lesson (1 hour): £40

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