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Saturday morning nogi class 6/05/23


We played some stand up games which were developed in terms of distance between 2 opponents. The goal of game 1 was at the ends of the arms; game 2 was beyond the hands to the head, game 3 was chest to torso connection.

Game 1

The goal was to get 2 on 1 control of the opponent's arm.

When the goal was achieved, we used the 'catch and release' idea and went again. Movement was refined by keeping the elbows close and the feet under the hips. Avoid reaching, lurching and spasmodic motions. Why? Otherwise you're taeching yourself poor attack and defence movements by leaving big gaps in the hip to armpit space.

Game 2

The goal was to establish single or double head control.

Head control is when you cup the back of the head, the forearm and elbow is in the centre of the chest, your eyes and forehead are angled to the centre of the their head.

When you use single head control, you use the head as a secondary limb of control. As in the previous game, catch and release to allow flow of the game and learning.

Game 3

The goal was to establishchest to torso connection. This could be chest to chest or chest to back. This was then also to be coupled with clasping the palms togeter, with your arms in their hip to arm pit space.


Game 1

Top player - hold the mount but not allowed to put the palms on then bottom player

Bottom player - escape; get one of the top player knees, with control, off the floor.

Game 2

Top player - get the bottom player's elbow next to their ear. The top player is cupping both the head and the arm.

Bottom player - as above, get them off their knees.

Game 3

Top player - get to the knee pillow position. See the image at the start of the blog.

Bottom player - just stop them!!


These sparring rounds were constrained by only finishing with attacks from mount


These sparring rounds were constrained by only finishing the opponent with your legs and also attacks on their legs

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