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Saturday morning class 13/05/2023

Pre class was Rodolfo showing a new sweep, and by new I mean probably very old school but taught us this for the first time in 6 years!

Here is an example of Lirrle Paul pulling it off against James Wick in sparring

The outline of the technique is in the video description


Wrist locks were explored from the following positions

1: From guard when the top player puts their hands on your torso to open your guard

2: When the top player pins your wrist and you apply the inverted wrist lock.

Here are a few examples

Key details: grab the knuckle line; get their forearm to their centreline for faster and higher percentage breaking mechanics. Imagine their elbow in their centre and their hand out past their shoulder line.

3: Standing: this was more street focussed - as they shove the chest: pin, step in and roll the elbow up, double clinch on the elbow and press your chest into their hand. SNAP!

Here is the raw rolling footage videos from class. Unlike the last few sessions, this was full sparring with all submissions allowed. What we do allow at our club is even from white belt, the fighter to apply any submission and we are not bound by the IBJJF submission restrictions. We believe this builds a more rounded martial artist.

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